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A fresh layer of barkmulch keeps your landscaping looking clean and fresh.

Parking Lot maintenance

Keeping the parking lot of your business clean and litter free makes a huge difference in the overall look of your business.

power washing

Sidewalk, driveway or siding need power washing? An easy way to make a huge impact.

Why You Should Contact A Professional To Remove A Bee Nest

Few things can ruin a lovely barbeque like a swarm of bees. Once a hive has populated in an area, it is important to have a professional remove them. There are many ways that Markham pest control specialists can take care of a bee problem. Although these creatures can be a nuisance and even a danger to those who are allergic to their stings, they are a vital part of the earth’s ecosystem and should be dealt with in a gentle way whenever possible. You should feel comfortable in your home and surrounding property, so choosing a professional to address this issue is very important to ensure that the bees do not return.

Home Renovation Guide: Roofing

Your home’s roofing system consists of the attic, the gutters and downspouts, and the roof itself. Because the roofing system is the key to keeping your home in good repair, a roofing company is your best ally in the home renovation process. Below, we’ll show you how keeping your roofing system in good repair can prevent other problems in your home. You can visit Cherry and Clark Roofing for additional information and insights.

How to Keep Your Carpet and Wood Flooring Looking Brand New

Wood Floors

There is nothing that can make you hate your house than a sight of muddy footprints and ugly stains on the carpet or hardwood floor. This scenario is often worse if you have a wood flooring system composed of pristine white sections and other bright color combinations. Luckily, Relative Space have incredibly amazing ways that can help transform your floor into a brand new creation.

The Critical Role of Roofing Contractors


A house or other structure is built on a foundation. The walls go up, floors are completed. Finally, the roof covers the house. While it may seem that the roof is only part of the entire building, and it is, the condition of the roof is all important in maintaining the integrity of the structure beneath that the roof protects.

A roof that is torn off in a storm exposes the structure to massive damage. Even a roof that leaks can cause critical structural damage beneath. A solid roof is vital, and roofing contractors have the training and expertise to not only maintain a roof, but also to install a new roof when needed.

The Aesthetic Quality Of A Stone Veneer


Homeowners can use a stone veneer to control noise in a room and also to change the ambiance in a room. The thin stone pieces are used to cover a traditional wall and will require less space than a solid stone wall. There are several advantages for a homeowner. The veneers have similar properties but weigh much less than a solid stone wall. Electrical wiring is more difficult to install inside a solid stone wall than inside a traditional wall that has been covered with a veneer.

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