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A fresh layer of barkmulch keeps your landscaping looking clean and fresh.

Parking Lot maintenance

Keeping the parking lot of your business clean and litter free makes a huge difference in the overall look of your business.

power washing

Sidewalk, driveway or siding need power washing? An easy way to make a huge impact.

Need ongoing landscaping?


Looking for help on an on going basis? Give us a call to discuss your thoughts and needs and we’ll figure something out! Maintaining an already well manicured lawn or property takes less time than you may think. Getting an overgrown area back down to where it should be is the hard part, and what […]

5 Tips for Pest Control within Your Home

Pest infestation can be such a nuisance. It is usually associated with problems such as discomforting bug bites, property destruction and diseases. Therefore, it is important to engage in reliable pest control Toronto mechanisms such as the ones listed on this post to liberate your home from pest menace.

How to Choose the Right Hardscape Features for Your Yard

There are two main types of Royal Decks landscaping features that you can add to your yard, and these are hardscape and softscape features. Softscape features refer to the vegetation in your yard, such as your trees, flowers, shrubs and grass. Hardscaping, on the other hand, refers to the permanent and non-vegetative features in your yard. This can include everything from patios and walkways to pergolas, gazebos and water features. When you are preparing to update your landscape design, you can easily improve your space through the installation of one or more hardscape features. Deciding which feature to install, however, requires some forethought and planning.

4 Projects That Are Better Handled By a Junk Removal Company

We are all familiar with the junk removal companies used to clear out clutter homes on certain reality television shows. These companies can do a lot more for customers on a variety of different projects. In fact, some jobs are better handled by a junk removal company with the tools, equipment, and manpower required.

Sheet Metal Roofing Is a Popular Trend for Manufacturers and Homeowners

Metal roofing is a part of the construction industry that is increasing in value and interest. Many people use metal items every day, so they rely on the well-known strength and lasting quality. Heather and Little sheet metal fabrication is a common process that allows manufacturers to create different sizes, shapes and colors. Compared to a few decades ago, more homeowners are buying into the trend of having metal built on top of their homes. Learn more about sheet metal roofing and its benefits to your home or building.


Sheet metal restoration can be particularly difficult for older or historic homes. Although sheet metal roofing can last for centuries if it is well-maintained and properly repaired as it ages, some historic roofs will eventually need to be fully restored to keep them in good working condition.

Home Painting Guide

Painter standing with van smiling

While there are plenty of painting contractors who can do a fast spray job on an empty house with no flooring in and no trim up yet, finding Burlington painters to work with you, your schedule and your belongings is of critical importance if you want a quality painting job on the interior or exterior of your home. Before you sign anything, check to make sure the contractor has adequate insurance, particularly if they are going to be working outside.

Essential Items To Complete An Outdoor Furniture Collection

Toy house in human hands - a symbol of protection...

It’s outdoor furniture Brampton season! The weather is gorgeous, the days are warm and the nights are long. Creating a unique and comfortable space that draws people outside to experience the seasons is an incredible thing. If you’re looking to make a few additions to enhance your outdoor furniture experience, whether you’re planning to host your next party, have family over for dinner or simply lounge with a good book, here are some essential items to complete the look.

Why You Should Contact A Professional To Remove A Bee Nest

Pest exterminator happily holds his pesticide canister and sprayer.

Few things can ruin a lovely barbeque like a swarm of bees. Once a hive has populated in an area, it is important to have a professional remove them. There are many ways that Markham pest control specialists can take care of a bee problem. Although these creatures can be a nuisance and even a danger to those who are allergic to their stings, they are a vital part of the earth’s ecosystem and should be dealt with in a gentle way whenever possible. You should feel comfortable in your home and surrounding property, so choosing a professional to address this issue is very important to ensure that the bees do not return.

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